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In the current economic climate and due to the fundamental changes in this sector, financial institutions and companies require winning candidates to reposition themselves in the market and take full advantage of the business opportunities that arise during this transition.

With over 15 years of experience, our trajectory and consolidation in the market ranks us as a leader for this sector. This experience allows us to adapt to the constantly changing conditions in the market. Our global network gives us access to the most sought after professionals worldwide. We are specialists in finding area managers, specialists in highly specific sectors who are able to contribute their experience and knowledge to the position concerned.

Apart from recruiting top executives and assessing boards on good governance, we also provide the upper echelons of management with strategic analysis to enable them to take critical decisions during periods of change.


In this practice Signium International assists financial entities in developing their business models. Signium International applies its direct search techniques, making use of references and market know-how to locate the most qualified professionals for each position.

In the recent past, the most sought after profiles in this sector were in consumer financing, payment methods and specialists in mortgage products. There was a focus on specialization in the area of SMEs has recently grown in importance, and due to such is strengthening the trade function overall. In the current cycle of economic change and crisis, there is a shift towards profiles specialized in the areas of Risk Management as well as Recovery and Unpaid Debt Management.

In addition to the identification and search for the most qualified candidates for our clients, our firm also specializes in market intelligence, focusing on a comparative analysis of the competition and of their professional teams with a view to both their strengths and weaknesses.


Our experience, through our trajectory and consolidation in the market, rank us as a reference in this field, in both sales and management. This experience allows us to adapt to the changing conditions in the market. We specialize in finding area managers, professionals in highly specific sectors that are able to bring an extensive experience and knowledge to the position concerned.

In addition to recruiting for principal executive positions and advising Boards on good governance practices, we also provide assesment and consulting services to high-level executives, enabling them to make critical decisions during periods of change.


The most important factor when evaluating a Buyout or a Venture Capital Opportunity is the quality of the management team. However, less time is spent on analyzing this factor than on analyzing other aspects of the deal. Signium International specializes in Management Services in the Private Equity sector, with an impressive track record in the search for qualified professionals and management consulting for the sector. It is one of only two Retained Executive Search and Talent Management firms admitted as a member of ASCRI (Asociación Española de Entidades de Capital Riesgo).

Our services for Private Equity companies include:

Prior to the investment:

  • Identifying investment opportunities:
  • Verifying investment opportunities through industry sector experts
  • Pre Management audit

During the investment:

  • Management audit 
  • Management Selection
  • Board Member Selection

For the fund:

  • Creating an Advisory Board
  • Management Selection


The Spanish insurance market is at a transitional stage shaped by new regulations, new market needs and the implementation of new products.

With the arrival of new products in Liability Insurance among others, as well as new marketing methods (Insurance Banking and/or Direct Marketing), hiring and retaining talent has become an important challenge.

The current market situation, due to the mergers and acquisitions in the sector, has led companies to seek talent with experience and capacity to work in an international context.

With our understanding of the insurance sector and its trends, backed by our professional experience, we have identified the best talent by sector, by product and by channels in the top insurance companies.


The real estate sector has been in recent years one of the principal drivers of the Spanish economy. This sector, historically linked to a distinct cyclical behaviour, has enjoyed an exceptionally positive period in regards to results and duration of cycle.

Today it is possibly one of the most hard hit by the crisis.

Given its close ties, a large part of the sector is swinging towards the banking industry, which in most recent months has seen its portfolio of real estate assets grow enormously.

While is it clear that the sector is not producing much movement within Real Estate companies, that banking sector is attracting and absorbing a good part of the best Real Estate talent to manage these burgeoning portfolios.


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