This is quite possibly the sector that has undergone the most notable development in recent years.

Although said expansion has been at unequal rates regionally, Spain has experienced an important increase in the number of hospital beds in both the public and private sector.

This growth, specially significant in Autonomous Regions like Madrid, has contributed to an unusual movement within the medical profession as well as the further development of auxiliary industries such as diagnostic methods, hospital equipment, etc.

As for the pharmaceutical industry, it continues to maintain a reasonable level of activity, on one hand through various mergers and acquisitions, and on the other hand through a growing investment in R+D which has shown spectacular results bringing new and improved medications and treatments every day.

Ever increasing life expectancy rates as well as the growing concern for quality of life has paved the way for the important and varied development of specialized retirement and elderly housing offerings.

The Healthcare and Life Sciences industries are, without a doubt, one of the most dynamic sectors in Western markets that demands, as a result, a constant source of highly qualified professional talent for its continues management and growth.

Our experience in Healthcare and Life Sciences is headed by consultants with a broad experience in executive positions in companies of this sector, and who understand the language and necessities of our clients.

Our areas of specialization are:

  • Laboratories and Pharmaceuticals
  • Clinics and Hospitals
  • Medical Services
  • Professional Associations


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