Professional Services

Professional Services companies currently face new challenges brought on by an ever increasing level of dynamism and complexity in this sector.

More so than ever, the growing influence of globalization is accelerating the growth processes of not only major international corporations, but also providing access to smaller and mid-sized firms that have traditionally not been able to enter into a global scenario. The profile of the successful professional is evolving along with these changes, making the correct identification of the best talent in an international context a fundamental part of each company’s adaptation and growth process.

Companies are also faced with an increasingly discerning client, whose needs are much more complex than in the past. Our global network allows us to access the most sought after and best trained professionals in the world.


We have a proven track record with consultancy firms in highly diverse sectors: banking, insurance, telecommunications, industry, consumer and healthcare among others, as well as of varying sizes – from the top international firms to more specialized and mid-sized companies looking to strengthen their business in their respective sectors.

Bao & Partners/Signium International assists multinationals in increasing, improving and consolidating their teams. The most requested positions in which we operate are: Partners, Directors and Senior Managers. Additionally, we evaluate director teams in consultancies to determine their potential for growth.


The consultants at Signium International have over 10 years experience in the legal sector, and our extensive track record and high level of specialization makes us one of, if not the leading firm in Spain, in this practice.

Our experience allows us to assess national and international offices in their expansion projects, covering both the individual contracting of Partners or Senior Associates, the recruitment of entire professional teams or even the integration of other firms.


Ignacio Bao
Chairman of the Board
Servicios Financieros Executive Search Team

Pedro Herráiz
Partner - Global Head
of Financial Services

Alberto Chico

Felipa Xara-Brasil

Leticia de Laiglesia
Associate Principal

Fernando Castillo
Associate Principal

Cintia Bermudez
Senior Associate

Sónia Silva
Senior Associate

Beatriz Pérez

Alejandra Cerqueiro

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