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The Retail & Consumer sectors are the most changeable in today’s environment. The pressure to maintain the positive margins, the lack of consumer loyalty and market saturation, means that these sectors need to be in constant renewal.

Although the Retail Sector (Retail) & Consumption (Manufacturers and Distributors) seem to be very different, they all go through the same situations and want to reach the same goal: to recognize the specific needs of their customers, meet their expectations, satisfy and cultivate their loyalty.

Today’s market situation has changed dramatically. Customers are increasingly demanding tailor made solutions, so if companies fail to meet their needs and expectations, these firms will have a short existence. Because of new technologies, social networks, e-commerce, etc, customers are better buyers, have a greater knowledge of the market and therefore are much more demanding.

The main goal of every Executive that works in the Retail & Consumer sectors is to know and understand their customers. Because of this, companies need to attract "the best talent", so they are able to adapt not only to the requirements of these new consumers, but an increasingly competitive environment, characterized by concentration, globalization of brands and concepts, a clear and constant pressure on margins and the need to know the new means and techniques of online marketing.

Executives, with increasingly scarce resources, that are able to anticipate and adapt their products and / or services to the needs of new consumers, will be the ones who will add value to companies that want to lead these markets.


Throughout our more than 60 years of experience in Executive Search, Signium International specializes in the needs of our customers in the Retail & Consumer sectors, not only through the central core of our business, which is to search and select the best talent for their organizations, but also through tailor made consultancy services, paying attention to their special characteristics.

In all these years, we have carried out numerous projects for all types of companies, from manufacturers to distributors and to retailers in sectors as diverse as food, beverages, fashion and accessories, services, restaurants, electronics, perfumery and cosmetics, and decoration, etc. Our clients are national and international organizations, including startups, and we specialize in searching positions both executive and non executive.

Our teams of consultants have deep knowledge and expertise in the sector. This results in having an exhaustive methodology and thorough “Tailor made" solutions, which allows us to be positioned as one of the strategic partners in their companies, maintaining long term relationships.

Our consultants have extensive experience in executive positions in top Retail & Consumer companies such as Consulting, highlighting a continued successful management of each and every one of our clients. All this combined with a team of over 150 highly qualified consultants, distributed in a network of 44 offices in 28 countries, make us one of the few Executive Search firms capable of supporting, with the highest quality, the needs that large companies in these sectors have nowadays with regards to their globalization.

  • Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Retailers of different sectors: Food, Beverage, Fashion and Accessories, Decoration, Perfumes and Cosmetics, Food, Electronics, etc.


Although this sector is not spared from the current global economic situation, the Spanish tourism sector continues to be one of the pillars on which the Spanish Economy rests.

The Spanish tourism sector, after decades of continued development, growth and intensive investment, continues to serve as a first rate reference in the industry on an worldwide scale.

Additionally, our Tourism sector has brought about a modern internationalization process without precedents.

All this shapes the the needs of our client companies in their search for the best professional talent, capable of managing sectors that are comepletely strategic and subject to continuous change and high levels of competition.

Our areas of specialization are:
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Real Estate promoters


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